Nr.DatumsGrand PrixLaiksTraseBraucieni
1.Jūnijs 3I Can’t Drive 55 Grand Prix20:00Teperis (>)2x10min
2.Jūnijs 18Stylo Grand Prix20:00Swedbank Kartodroms (<)2x15min
3.Jūnijs 28Show Me How To Live Grand Prix20:00333 (k1>)2x10min
4.Jūlijs 12Go With The Flow Grand Prix20:00Go Planet (<)4x10min
5.Jūlijs 26My Favourite Game Grand Prix20:00Ātruma Cilts (<)2x10min
6.Augusts 9Show Me What You Got Grand Prix20:00333 (k1<)2x15min

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