Nr.DatumsGrand PrixLaiksTraseBraucieni
1.Jūnijs 15Driven Grand Prix19:00333 (k2<)2x10min
2.Jūnijs 28The Fast And The Furious Grand Prix19:00Ātruma Cilts (>)2x10min
3.Jūlijs 10The Cannonball Run Grand Prix14:00Swedbank Kartodroms (<)2x10min
4.Jūlijs 10Cannonball Run II Grand Prix14:50Swedbank Kartodroms (k2>)2x10min
5.Jūlijs 27Gone in 60 Seconds Grand Prix20:00Go Planet (<)4x10min
6.Augusts 10Vanishing Point Grand Prix19:00333 (k12>)2x10min
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